Why be a typical distillery when you don't have to? With a combined fifty years of brewing, winemaking, and alcohol production experience, the owners/scientists used their knowledge and expertise to design a one of a kind production process.

Bluestem Vodka is distilled from corn and cut with reverse osmosis water resulting in a slightly sweet, extremely pure, delicious spirit. It is gluten free and can only be used to make our Signature & Trademarked Cocktail, the Stemcell. 

Why the name Bluestem? Big Bluestem is the State Prairie Grass of Illinois and Missouri. Bluestem grass is featured prominently wrapping around the bottle.

The distillery supports local businesses and values American made.

The goal of their Tours  is for visitors to learn about the process, to enjoy a Bluestem Vodka tasting & cocktail, and to have fun!




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OPEN Wednesday & Thursday: 4-8pm; Friday 2-8pm; Saturday 12-8pm